Our Projects

Cummins Power

  • NBC Asejire Plant Temporary Power Supply
  • Power Disconnection and R-connection at McVities Biscuits


  • Filtration of 4MVA and 2.5 MVA Step Down
  • Annual Maintenance of Low Voltage Panel
  • Annual Maintenance of Transformer
  • Annual Low Voltage Panel Maintenance

Union Bank of Nigerial PLC

  • Supply of 10KVA AVR to ATM kiosks at Arakan Barracks
  • Supply and Installation of Low Voltage Distribution Panel
  • Supply and Installation of 250A MCCB for Lift UPSS Control
  • Supply of Electrical Materials
  • Installation of Power Transformer (100KVA, 11/0.415KV)

Nigerian Bottling Company PLC

  • Asejire Plant New AGO Dispensing Station - Electrical Works
  • Cable Protection With Cable Tray Covers
  • Electrical Connection for New Cloak Room and Toilet
  • Electrical Decommissioning and Installation - Owerri Plant
  • Electrical Installation for CIP Station
  • Installation of LED Lights for Trucks Exit Gate
  • Installation of AGO Generating Set
  • Installation of Panels and Lighting - Aba plant

Nigerian Bottling Company PLC

  • LED Light Installation - Port Harcourt Plant
  • LED Light Installation - Ikeja Plant
  • Port Harcourt Canteen - Electrical Fittings and Appliances Installation
  • Port Harcourt Water Treatment Plant - Electrical Installation
  • Power Supply To Caustic Mixing Plant
  • Power Supply To Chiller
  • Power Supply To CNG Station
  • Power Supply Upgrade in Port Harcourt
  • Relocation of 1400KVA Generating Set - Port Harcourt

Nigerian Bottling Company PLC

  • Relocation of 33KVA Overhead Line
  • Repair of 100KVA and 120KVA UPS
  • Repair 3MVA, 11/0.415KVA Tranformer - Ikeja Plant
  • Replacement of Changeover Panel Bus Bar
  • Supply and Installation of DB for Tetrapack Power Supply
  • Supply and Installation of HVA Cable
  • Supply and Installation of Power to New Pump House Ikeja
  • Supply and Installation of Power to Pump House

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